There’s a lot of debate among experts about just how much weight the average American gains between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day; however, there’s a definite consensus that weight gain does happen for millions of Americans during the brief 39-day window of time.

Celebrations and delicious food go together like peas and carrots**

Few things bring communities and loved ones together more than food. It’s one of the main ways that we as humans punctuate important days and events throughout our lives.  We believe that participating in those traditions are important and shouldn’t be completely avoided– the key is to go about it in a balanced, moderate way that also honors the other things you value (i.e., your long-term health, optimal weight range, physical stamina & ability, healthful aging, etc…)


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

How can you achieve this magical balancing act, you ask? You get strategic. You make a plan. You make a commitment to your 2017 self, now. If you’d like to dress it up you can think of it as your, “Healthy Holiday Strategy.”  That portable guiding principle that whispers in your ear when you reach for that third drink or holiday cookie and reminds you of what truly matters to you.

Here’s a list of our favorite articles that will arm you with some tools of how to enjoy the holiday festivities without compromising all the gains you’ve made this year; and prevent you from having to work well into Spring 2017 just to undo what you what you did during the last 39-days of 2016:

Healthy Holiday Strategy Tool Kit

  • Whether you follow a Paleo Diet or not (and we’re not necessarily advocating that this is the best thing for everyone) this article is packed full a great advice and sound strategies that will help prevent holiday weight gain.
  • Remember how we mentioned that the most successful New Year’s resolutions begin in November? Well, we were being a bit cheeky– it was a nice way of saying that New Year’s resolutions don’t really work for the majority of people. Check out the stats for yourself.
  • We’re not a fan of “transformations” at Kaifit. At all. In fact, we hate them. A lot. Because they have a lot in common with New Year’s resolutions– they don’t work. Long-term anyway.  However, there is one type of “transformation” that we can get behind; transforming your habits. Why? Because your habits determine the outcome of everything in your life, we repeat, everything in your life. Check out this awesome piece by the king of habit shifts, James Clear.


There you have it, folks.  All you need to help you enjoy the holidays and not start 2017 with even an ounce of regret! Happy holidays, y’all!


**Courtesy of Forrest Gump.