We create high quality, customized programs that powerfully impact a person’s long-term health, strength, and fitness level.

What that looks like for each person is unique and runs much deeper than rigid textbook application of exercise science.

Here’s are just some of the information we gather to create the perfect program:

  • Who is exercising?

  • Why are you exercising?

  • What can you do today?

  • Where does exercise fit into your lifestyle? Not the fantasy, future you. The real you that juggles dozens of other competing needs on a daily basis.

  • How can we create a program that will keep you in shape for the rest of your life?

  • Can you squat all the way down or raise your hands above your head?

  • Are you just as fit as you were in high school?

  • Do you want to be more fit?

  • Do think you’re unable to exercise because of an injury or a health problem?

  • Did you just have a child?

We could keep going, but you get the point. People change, peoples’ lives change, so it’s essential for their program to keep up with those changes if it’s going to remain relevant.


We’re definitely not too cool for school.

Have you ever walked into a gym and been overwhelmed or intimidated by the people exercising? Was the music a bit intense or just a tad too loud? Did it have that underlying cool factor that made you feel like you already had to be in awesome shape or know what you’re doing in order to even walk through the doors?

Yeah, that’s not us. We pretty much make it our goal in life to be the opposite of that.

We pride ourselves in being the kind of place where everyone feels comfortable and like they belong.

Not to toot our own horn, but…

Accepting, diverse, ageless, fun loving, supportive, inclusive, and motivating—these are just a few of the words that our clients have used to describe our community.

We’re so proud of that. And we’re proud that the intentions we started with when we opened our doors in 2010 are a living and breathing reality that continues to grow every year.

It takes a village.

Our community is awesome. Pure and simple. It supports and fosters the success of our members in way we couldn’t have imagined in the beginning. Kaifit really is a place: “where everybody knows your name.”

Lasting Results


Our 25+ years in the industry has taught us that a quick fix always translates to a temporary fix.  

Lose 20lbs in a week?

Not here. If you need to lose 20lbs we want you to actually keep it off

And despite what some slick marketing folks will try to sell you, that still takes what it’s always taken: time, consistency, and a legitimate habit shift away from the things that caused the weight gain and towards the things that will support your new vision for yourself.

Six pack abs in 2 weeks?

Maybe, but what about your overall health in a year?  5 years?

The reason so many of our clients have been with us for over a decade boils down to our unwavering commitment to remaining present to their ever-changing circumstances and providing strategic solutions that keep working over time.

Well, that and our charming personalities.


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