“I have been a client of KaiFit for the past 5 years and it has been a tremendous experience. Kai’s personal attention and customized training sessions helped me achieve my personal fitness goals and continue to keep me fit while have fun at the same time. The client’s at KaiFit are truly a family and I look forward to every session. Kai is a consummate professional and I highly recommend him!”

Mary K.

VP of Talent Placement

“Kai is committed to understanding not just your fitness goals, but the context of fitness in your lifestyle and stage of life. I was a competitive athlete through college but due to the time constraints of a growing family and small business had gotten out of shape. Consistent workouts were a thing of the past, but Kai got me back on track. I don’t know if any other trainer could have helped me achieve the success I’ve had with Kai over the last 4 years.”

Bill R.


“I have been to other gyms and tried all kinds of fitness programs …. nothing compares to this place.  Kai and John are the perfect combination of tough and warm.  The training methods are diverse, individualized and challenging.  Word of warning – you might become a gym rat because you will love to be here!”

Jennifer M.

IT Professional

“I have worked out with Kai for over 20 years and I’ve never gotten bored with him or with the workouts. When I was an age-group runner he helped me get faster and stronger; now that I’m in middle-age trying to stay in shape, he works around my various injuries and ailments and keeps the workouts fresh and challenging. He’s also very good company–how many people do you want to see 2-3 times a week for decades? Whatever your fitness goals, he can accommodate you and help you achieve what them. He’s simply the best.”

Jodi Z.


“I was able to work with Kai while training for the 2012 Olympic Trials. His ability to get results specific to your training needs is remarkable. He worked with my coach as well to design a program that was extremely detailed and targeted specific strength goals and energy systems that I needed to tap. It was not just a general fitness or all around conditioning program. It was much more thought provoked and designed for what I needed. I had the added advantage of being in the gym most days and saw Kai interact with a lot of his other clients. This let me see that whether it was elite level athletics or life long health and wellness that they were after, Kai gave the same customized attention to each of them.”

Dale R.

Outdoor Sports Professional

“Kai has been my trainer since January. Although I have worked with other trainers in the past (with no results), Kai’s approach is no-nonsense coupled with tools (nutrition, hydration, lifestyle, etc..) that I need to be successful in my weight loss and fitness goals. I have seen tremendous results in this short time and know I will achieve my goals and be able to maintain them with his guidance and instruction. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone wanting to change their lifestyle.”

Brett B.

Non-profit Executive

“I belonged to another gym in the area, and a friend of mine invited me to workout at KaiFit.  I immediately felt welcomed and encouraged.  KaiFit is based on getting members to the gym to workout.

Kai is dedicated to his clientele.  He is always on time.  He is flexible with scheduling.  The gym is clean and professional.  The members are friendly and inclusive.  I have better core strength after just a few months.  I am happy with the results and highly recommend KaiFit.”

Brian N.

IT Manager

Kaifit is a great resource for the busy person who wants a good workout but doesn’t want to big part of a big chain gym.  It is quick and easy to get  in and out and they customize your workout for the goals that you want to achieve.  They also give great advice on nutrition and keep up with all of the latest information regarding exercise and nutrition.  A great place.  I always feel better after a workout at Kaifit.

Regan A.

Philathropist + Graduate Student + Mother of three

“Kai has been training me for years, I can not recommend him enough. He has transformed me into a completely different person, and after all this time I am still as motivated to keep training with him as I was the day I started. Kai dedicates his life to his clients, he will study you, and will figure out very quickly how to get you to reach your goals.

The gym is beautiful and has everything you could ever need.  I feel like every week Kai adds some type of new machine or device to the gym. He always has the latest and best equipment and positions it perfectly in the gym so that there is still a lot of room to maneuver around.

Kaifit is by far the best gym for me, great equipment, private, very clean, and amazing people. I have met some of my greatest friends at Kaifit.”

Chris J.

Real Estate Professional

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