Kai Duran

Founder + Director of Training + Programmer Extraordinaire

Kai is the founder of Kaifit, Director of Training, and creator of the Kaifit Method. His innovative training style has made him a successful trainer, goal and sports specific program designer, and entrepreneur in the Austin area for over 25 years.


It’s about communication

The foundation of Kai’s approach is ongoing communication with his clients, continual adjustment to their exercise program to accommodate their current and long-term health goals, while modifying their fitness program for specific limitations to keep the client active throughout every stage of life.


And building relationships

He has the unique ability to establish long-term partnerships with his clients and community members, which has resulted in an extraordinarily high amount of long-standing relationships. Many Kai-fitters have trained with Kai for a decade, or two…


Don’t forget about the big picture

Kai emphasizes the importance of incorporating healthy eating habits along with a consistent fitness regime as the necessary ingredients to a healthier lifestyle. His goal is to empower each client to become accountable for their own fitness, health, and well being.

John Jasper

Senior Trainer 

John has cultivated his passion for fitness and general wellness since he obtained his BS in exercise technology from A&M (Class of ‘96). John is certified through American Council on Exercise and had completed kettlebell certification through Cross Fit. He has been a trainer for KaiFit since 2012.

It’s a journey

John’s philosophy: Exercise is a journey to learn about yourself. By challenging yourself to improve your fitness, you can find your potential, and limitations, which are the cornerstone of personal growth. The pursuit of improving strength and conditioning leads to a cascade of positive results that go beyond basic health, and get us to a better version of ourselves.

Perspective is everything

John took a brief hiatus from his career to be a stay-at-home dad, which provided him with new perspectives on everything! Trying to keep up with his three boys is yet another motivation for John’s dedication to wellness

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